Why does the Quality of Trade Matter more than The Quantity of Trade

EnclaveFX Ltd
Dec 26, 2020

A crucial thing about trading is that people tend to miss how thoroughly you need to think before making a truly successful deal. Many traders can be seen trading like there is no tomorrow when that is simply not the correct attitude to have if you wish to be successful. These points must carefully be taken into consideration before you start forex trading online and be aware of the negative impact of over-trading.

What is over-trading?

The word is self-explanatory, so you understand what it means, but many over-traders will deny doing it. How to stop and realize that you are overtrading? If you find yourself thinking about trades every second of the day and going for one trade after another without properly analyzing their risks and potential, you need to stop. Take a minute and think of what you are doing because, unlike other businesses, working more when you start forex trading online will not necessarily result in more success.

Impact of over-trading

When you start trading recklessly and taking on any and every trade you come across, you dilute your edge and diminish your chances of success. A successful trader’s mark is that they always analyze a trade’s potential and only take the high-probability trades. Furthermore, as a trader, when you start trading too much, all you are doing helps the broker make a profit while giving away your chances of the same.

The reason why you over-trade

The human brain is wired in a way that makes it extremely easy to get addicted to something it finds even remotely profitable or pleasant. While, to some extent, this instinct to follow something obsessively can result in profits, it can also have a completely opposite impact, especially when it comes to trading. When you start forex trading online you need to recognize how your brain functions and learn to control your obsessive behavior instead of letting it control you.

How to control ‘over-trading’

Over-trading, as mentioned above, can ruin your trading experience. Here’s how you can control it:

Plan, wait, and filter

Planning and patience are key in a successful trade. You need to set your goals, plan each step carefully, and filter your trades accordingly. You need to be willing and show patience and grab the right opportunity at the right time.

Set a limit

The best way to check over-trading is to set a monthly or weekly limit for the trades you take on. For a month, you can set a limit for eight to twelve trades and select only those that align with your plans and match the criteria you have set for yourself.

Follow a particular direction

Once you decide the path you wish to take, you mustn’t deviate from it. Traders, many times, get trapped between the options of quality or quantity and set out trading in unstable markets which then proves to be a bad decision. For a successful trade and the best forex trading online experience, you must go with the markets which are headed in a particular direction over turbulent ones.

Set and forget

This approach is all about letting your trade play out. As mentioned earlier, patience is the key to a successful trade. You need to select your trade carefully and then patiently wait for it to play out to your advantage since every good trade requires time.

Over-trading is surely a problem and a big one too. However, it is not a problem without a solution. It takes a lot of knowledge, patience, and practice to get an understanding of what’s right and what’s not, in the world of trading. There are more than just a few ways to obtain this knowledge and then start putting that work into the real-life experience and start forex trading online with EnclaveFX Ltd, your go-to provider for the best forex trading online.