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What is a Forex Demo Account and a Live Account?

What is a Forex Demo Account and a Live Account?

Lately, foreign currency exchange trading has been on the rise because it allows traders to earn money through extremely well-researched speculation. But before putting your hard-earned money into this, open a forex demo account and put your trading strategies to test here. 

Difference Between Trading in Demo Accounts and Live Accounts

If you plan on starting your forex trading journey, you may have come across two terms: demo and live accounts. How is it different when you start forex live accounts? How is a demo account different? Let’s find out. 

Forex Trading Demo Account

· What is a forex demo account? 

Forex demo accounts are usually trial accounts provided by the broker to practice your strategies. They are free to open and don’t require any significant investment. The account provides you with virtual money that you can use and see whether your strategies are viable or not. 

· Is a demo account the same as a live account? 

The simple answer is no. In a live forex account, you are putting in your own money. Therefore, the profit and loss will be yours. While in a demo forex account, you are given virtual money by the broker that has no real value apart from helping you test your strategies.

· How does a Forex demo account work? 

A demo account helps new traders to practice trading and get a taste of how things are going to be. They can determine the potential risks of trading and trade fake money by imitating real forex prices.

· Are forex demo accounts rigged? 

The answer to this question varies from broker to broker. While some demo accounts might be rigged to help instill confidence in the trader, other demo accounts may show real-time changes and give a more accurate description of undertaking risks. 

Forex trading live account

· How do I set up a forex live account?

It is extremely easy to open and start a live account. After choosing a broker, you need to fill out an application with them. Some might ask for certain documents to verify your account. Finally, you have to choose a method through which you will transfer the money to the account. That’s it; you are ready to trade. 

· What is a forex live account? 

The forex live account is the real deal. After you have ironed out your strategies and have decided on the amount that you want to invest, you can start a forex live account. The main thing you must remember is that everything that happens here is happening in real-time. You will have tangible profits and losses. Therefore, it will be wise to know about certain things before getting started.

· Can you live off forex trading?

The answer is yes. You can live off forex trading, but for that to happen, you must be consistent with your experience and must be willing to take risks with proper working strategies. If you go in with your eyes closed, you are sure to make massive losses. So be careful, and have a good time trading. 

· How much does it cost to start a forex live account?

There are no fees per se, but you do need to put in a minimum deposit before you can start trading.  Trading in a demo account helps you to learn how the indicators and the strategies work in the live forex trading account. Once the trader has learned how everything works in the demo account and is in control of their emotions, they may start trading in the live account. This practice allows traders to save themselves from massive losses borne out of foolish decisions.

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