Understand basic details of Crypto Trading

EnclaveFX Ltd
Jan 30, 2021

Over 10 crore Indians possess cryptocurrency, according to a recent news story. During the upcoming times, the number is likely to rise much more.

Like stock and commodity trading, Crypto trading comes with its own set of risks and drawbacks. Market participants must develop tactics that make trading exciting and safe to reap long-term gains from crypto trading. Let’s begin by looking through several tactics that can assist you in achieving favorable results.

Day trading is carried with the trading that entails entering and quitting positions on the same day. A trader using this strategy aims to profit from intraday price fluctuations in a cryptocurrency of his choice. Investors frequently use technical indicators to determine entry and exit points for specific cryptos to make a profitable transaction.

Trading on the range

Market participants often rely on expert analysts, who provide daily support and resistance levels. The term resistance refers to the maximum price that may be reached. Therefore a resistance level is a price that is higher than the current price. On the other hand, ‘Support’ is a level below which a crypto price is not supposed to fall; thus, a support level is always lower than the current price.


This trading method entails increasing trading volumes to make a profit. Despite the risk, a savvy trader pays attention to the margin requirement and other crucial rules to avoid having a terrible trading experience. Scalpers examine the crypto asset, historical trends, and volume levels before deciding on an entrance and exit point within a day.

Trading at a High Frequency (HFT)

Quant traders utilize HFT, which is an algorithmic trading approach. This includes the creation of algorithms and trading bots that aid in the speedy entry and departure of a crypto asset. The design of such bots necessitates a thorough comprehension of complicated market principles and a strong solid foundation in mathematics and computer science. Which results, it being more suited to experienced traders than newbies.

Averaging Costs in Dollars

It’s important to consider that timing the market is nearly impossible when identifying the optimum entry and exit points in a crypto market. So, ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ is excellent for technique investing in cryptos (DCA). DCA is a term that refers to investing a set amount at regular intervals. This method allows investors to avoid the time-consuming task of market timing and achieve long-term riches.

On the other hand, exit strategy could be problematic in the DCA approach. It necessitates a thorough examination of market trends and a grasp of the market cycle. Reading technical charts can also assist you in determining when to exit. Before buying a cryptocurrency, buyers should watch the oversold and overbought zones.

Create a well-balanced portfolio

Cryptocurrency trading is still in its infancy. While certain countries encourage cryptocurrency trading, others remain skeptical. Central banks worldwide are working on better ways to control digital currencies, making crypto trading a risky proposition. There are, however, measures that can assist investors in avoiding severe volatility.

Building a well-balanced cryptocurrency portfolio that includes Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum could help you beat volatility.

Furthermore, investors can invest a set amount of money in various cryptos every month. This will increase your risk appetite methodically, allowing your portfolio to provide favorable long-term returns.

Make no trading decisions based on rumors

One silly mistake the investors made is relying on social media for cryptocurrency news. Social media buzz should never be used to make investment decisions. Because digital currency is such a trendy topic, misleading information about it spreads quickly.

Primary Sources

Primary research is one of the most significant trading tactics. To perform a preliminary analysis on the item’s worth you desire to purchase. You do not need to be a trading expert. This entails keeping up with all of the latest developments in the crypto business. EnclaveFX Ltd makes this easier by compiling all of the news stories you need to read before starting your day.

Furthermore, before betting on a risky asset class like crypto, you should assess your funds and define an investing goal. You can learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.


Arbitrage is a trading method in which a trader purchases cryptocurrency in one market and sells it in another. The spread is the difference between the buy and sell prices. Traders may book profit due to the differential in liquidity and trading volume. To take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll need to register accounts on exchanges that have a significant price difference for the cryptocurrency you’re trading.

Bitcoin Volatility Betting

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile asset classes on the market right now. Bitcoin prices have fluctuated by roughly 30% in a single session. Trading Bitcoin futures allow you to bet on volatility. The best method to do it is to buy both a call and a put option simultaneously. Both the strike price and the expiration date must be the same. You must sell both the call and put option at the same time to exit when crypto prices fall or increase sharply.