Pivot Points: How to Use Them for Day Trading

EnclaveFX Ltd
Dec 21, 2022

A pivot point indicator is a helpful tool for calculating significant psychological levels, such as support and resistance levels. This article will explain how traders can incorporate pivot points into their trading with forex and their overall trading strategy.

What are Pivot Points?

In the forex market, the pivot point is a technical indicator that indicates potential future market movements based on price levels. Pivot points can determine trend biases and levels of support and resistance to identify profit targets, stop losses, entry points, and exit points. Pivot points represent the balance between bullish and bearish forces in the market.

History of Pivot Points

In the forex markets, pivot points have been used for over a decade. It was vital to determine a simple rule to help traders form a correct intraday bias in this dynamic environment. In forex trading, a pivot point is formed by combining three pieces of data: the high, low, and close. Traders can also calculate pivot points using weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual prices.

Five Reasons Why Day Traders Love Pivot Points

Unique for day trading

Pivot points provide a substantial advantage based on the previous day's trading data. Therefore, multiple levels can be marked and ready to trade by the next trading session.

Short time frames

In addition to their suitability for lower time frames, pivot points can also be used in higher time frames to gauge the market's general direction.

High accuracy

Pivot points have been used in futures markets for a long time. This methodology is so widely adopted that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that offers high risk-to-return ratios.

Rich set of data

A pivot point is a reliable technical indicator. If traders want to focus on reliability, they use data from higher time frames, such as daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

Easy to use

Pivot points are technical indicators that provide an easy-to-follow level to use at any point, whether the price is above, below, or just breaking.

Pivot Point Calculation

In the forex market, pivot points can be calculated using the 24-hour trading period and the price at the end of the U.S. session to determine the market turning point. A simple arithmetic calculation and the previous day's high, low, and closing prices are used. The Pivot point is the most significant indicator in classic pivot point calculations.

How to work Pivot Points

A pivot point tool predicts the reversal of a trend, and the behavior of most traders using this tool affects price movement. It helps to determine the levels for taking profit, stopping loss, and pending orders. The pivot point tool can be used for scalping price movements between levels and trend trading on price breakouts. Many forex brokers offer free pivot point calculators across the internet.

How to Practice with Pivot Points

Practicing pivot points in live market conditions is the most effective way to learn them. Although indicators can draw pivot points automatically, traders are better off using the formulas, drawing them manually, and seeing how the price reacts. Day traders make money with the formulas, techniques, and tools provided here. Pivot points can calculate multiple levels of support and resistance based on pivot point methods. This method can be applied to determine possible levels of support and resistance.


Traders can use pivot points to identify support and resistance levels, develop profitable trading strategies, and combine them with other technical analysis tools to start forex trading online. Pivot points are additional tools that can be used along with trend trading or channel trading strategies. As a result, traders can only calculate levels manually and use other tools to confirm trend reversals and look at chart patterns.