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The foreign exchange market(forex, FX or currency market) is available across
the globe, propagated over the counter financial market for currency.


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Most well-known Trading platform across the globe
Traders and Investors using Expert Advisors (EAs) can avail the benefit of the FP market’s quick and responsive execution. We at our level have partnered with the well-known forex liquidity providers for deep liquidity, along with real-time quotes for the wide range of tradable instruments. Download the Meta Trader 5(MT5) software for windows for free and experience trading with tight spread and transparent commissions.

What can you trade on MT5?

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Owning a forex trading account opened instantly and getting a sea of trading opportunities in more than 40 foreign currencies.

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Trading with more than CFDs from a single source was never really easy, which gives you required assistance in earning rewards.

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Earn a lot through the unforeseen situations of the market, by trading in precious metals like gold, silver etc to make hefty money.

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The year-round market gives you the best opportunities to earn huge profits by investing in cryptocurrencies.

What Makes Enclave Fx MT5 Superior?


Mobile,Web and Algorithmic Trading

Forex trading can be taken care of under expert supervision through internet and with the required calculations.


Virtual Hosting

By taking the benefits from Virtual Hosting, Metatrader can operate even when the computer is in the Power off mode, Virtualizing the platform for trading can be taken care of in a few clicks and can run with the help of a remote server (Forex VPS). Trades of investor robots and signal subscriptions will be carried out instantly with absolutely no delays.


Fundamental and Professional Technical Analysis

All the analysis for any trading movement shows all the necessary insights associated with the movement and the impact it will cause on investors' overall Forex Scenario.

Totally commissioned charts

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Major features of MT5 Forex trading platform

Key Features of MT5 Forex Trading Platform

We access multiple liquidity providers and external pricing

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Flexible Trading with Accounts

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Low Cost with Outstanding Trade

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Worldwide Trading Platform

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Manual & Instruction Courses for Help

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Why choose MT5?

Connecting clients across the globe all round the clock

MetaTrader 5 Platform Technical Analysis

MetaTrader 5 is a modern and equipped Forex trading platform. It is loaded with features and avails the extra benefits of the personalised interface, Meta Trader 5 is an evolutionary Forex Trading platform. It is equipped with features and provides the extra advantage of a customisable interface. A range of advanced analytical technologies provide traders with the opportunity to carry out market analysis from inside of the platform interface. This is specifically applicable in the incidence of technical analysis which is inclusive of pattern usage in market data to recognize trends.

The Major function of the MT5 platform is what makes it unique. There are specified features to trading which also includes market analysis, trade execution and risk management.

It is totally equipped with all the required tools to analyze the market data and recognize patterns, this platform also gives the required technical features required to capitalise on trading opportunities. Some of the Important features of MetaTrader 5 are.

Advanced Installed Indicators: MT5 platform has connected all the retail investors with experienced traders by giving access to more than 60+ technical indicators related to trends, oscillators and volatile market movement.

Totally customisable charts: Different trading strategies and risk-bearing capacity differentiated from trader to trader. The capability of customizing charts to complement various trading strategies or challenging market movements to make the MetaTrader 5

Profiles and Chart Templates: MetaTrader 5 identifies that traders might have alternate strategies for trading within different financial markets. To account for such, it gives liberty to traders to make individualised profiles

Single Click Trading: Trading can be done with expert guidance and inputs with a single click with well equipped more than 60 technical indicators related to trends, oscillators and trade

Individualised Automatic Trading: Trading can be done by an investor with one single click from the multiple technical equipped devices.

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