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Varied trading metal instruments include a varied range with EnclaveFX includes: gold silver, platinum, and a diversified portfolio of trading strategies

What is Metals Trading?

Within FP Markets, our experts offer you all the required gainful insights into the most well known precious metals that sum up an important commodity asset class. Metals trading is very closely linked to the outlook for the overall markets across the globe and all the major currencies and metals are mostly traded against major currencies and metals are traded against major currencies in the same manner that currency pairs are traded on various platforms. Different factors that affect precious metal prices include supply and demand, interest rates, economic uncertainty, industrial output and the power strength of the dollar with precious metals like gold earlier considered as a safe and sound asset in the volatile and movement times.

How Does Metals Trading Work?

Taking maximum gains of trading with a varied and diversified range of metal instruments, investors will be rewarded with an outstanding trading output.
Metals Side

Trade within the wide range of multiple currencies

From the varied range of currencies that are mentioned below, we offer multiple currencies that are available at very reasonable spreads.
  Standard A/cRaw ECN A/c
XAUUSDGold vs US Dollar0.160.2900.13
XAUAUDGold vs Australian Dollar0.560.880.460.78
XAGUSDSilver vs US Dollar0.0120.020.010.01
XPDUSDGold vs Australian Dollar0.0160.030.0140.02
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The bid is actually the price you sell. This is actually the price at which you sell the asset, The highest price from these both is the asking price or buy price, it is the rate at mentioned price of an asset. The difference between both these prices is the “spread”. It is actually the cost of trading. Depending upon the liquidity of the asset and the selection of the broker, the spread can either be tight or wide.


Why Trade CFD with Enclave FX?

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Wide Trading Arena

with great trading experience, take the advantage of liquidity with institutional trade with us.

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Deposit and Withdrawals

Eat the fruits of profits by beginning with a lesser amount of deposits and allowing withdrawals instantly.

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Excellent trade facilities

Get the quickest execution of trade all the time with the better state of art facilities for trading.

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Client support

We are available for our clients all the time for sorting out all the trading issues faced by them.


Benefits of Trading precious Metals with Enclave FX

Everything that is needed by the account currency, pair, trade size and opening/closing prices- everything else is taken care of by the profit calculator.

Factors Affecting Precious Metal Prices

Supply and Demand: Applicable across all products and services, the same also applies to precious metals. A shortage in metals or the increased demand for their use can affect prices. Let’s take industrial metals such as copper or aluminium. A technological advancement may create an alternative for their use and decrease their value.

Macroeconomic Variables: Data relating to interest rates and GDP affect a significant amount of metals. One of the reasons is because metals are seen as a safe-haven, and an alternative investment to the cash rate provided by financial institutions.


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