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Online precious metals trading


When you trade with EnclaveFX, you'll discover how simple it is to sell precious metals online. Get award-winning service and cheap spreads on gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals.

What is Metals Trading?

Within EnclaveFX, our experts offer you all the required gainful insights into the most well known precious metals that sum up an important commodity asset class. Metals trading is very closely linked to the outlook for the overall markets across the globe and all the major currencies and metals are mostly traded against major currencies and metals are traded against major currencies in the same manner that currency pairs are traded on various platforms. Different factors that affect precious metal prices include supply and demand, interest rates, economic uncertainty, industrial output and the power strength of the dollar with precious metals like gold earlier considered as a safe and sound asset in the volatile and movement times.

Why should you use EnclaveFX to trade precious metals online?

You can profit from the market price changes of some of the world's most valuable and sought-after commodities when you trade precious metals with EnclaveFX, a service trusted by traders in over 100 countries.

Top precious metal commodities:

Get access to gold, silver, and copper, as well as other well-known precious metals.

Fast execution and competitive spreads

Extremely competitive spreads with lightning-quick execution.

Leverage of up to 500:1:

Trade precious metal CFDs online with a power of 500:1.


With no commissions, you can deposit and withdraw money whenever you want.

All approaches are welcome:

Expert Advisors can help you personalize your strategy and automate your trading.

The most often traded precious metals.

See our bid, ask, and spread pricing for gold, silver, copper, platinum, and other popular precious metal CFDs.

From the varied range of currencies that are mentioned below, we offer multiple currencies that are available at very reasonable spreads.

Trade within the wide range of multiple currencies

Standard A/c Raw ECN A/c
Symbol Country Min Avg Min Avg
XAUUSD Gold vs US Dollar 0.16 0.29 0 0.13
XAUAUD Gold vs Australian Dollar 0.56 0.88 0.460.78
XAGUSD Silver vs US Dollar 0.012 0.02 0.01 0.01
XPDUSD Gold vs Australian Dollar 0.016 0.03 0.014 0.02
XPDUSD Platinum 0.96 4.95 0.96 4.95
XPDUSD Palladium 11.41 21.04 11.41 21.04

With EnclaveFX, what precious metals can I trade?

Gold, silver, copper, and platinum fall under the precious metals available. Using our spot and futures CFDs, you may speculate on the price of these metals online.

Gold Investing:

Learn how to trade gold on the internet with fast execution times and low spreads.

Silver Investing:

Learn how to trade silver online with EnclaveFX and diversify your portfolio by trading metals.

Copper Investing:

Learn how to trade copper online with EnclaveFX and diversify your portfolio by trading commodities.

Futures CFDs get their prices from underlying futures contracts, whereas bullion CFDs get theirs from the spot market. Check out the product for a complete list of all the precious metals available to Trade and the time zones in which they are active.


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Why Trade Metals with EnclaveFX?

Start trading precious metals on the internet right now.

Open a live trading account for free.

Money can be added instantly to your account by making a deposit.

Keep an eye on the market and decide which precious metal you'd want to exchange.

Find out how to trade gold, silver, and copper and which trading account type is best for you: standard, pro, or swap-free.

Benefits of Trading precious Metals with EnclaveFX

Everything that is needed by the account currency, pair, trade size and opening/closing prices- everything else is taken care of by the profit calculator.

What is the best way to trade precious metals on the internet?

The concentration of precious metals trading, particularly in the retail trading realm, is on 'Contracts for Difference,' or 'CFDs.' CFDs allow traders to speculate on commodities' price movements without owning the underlying item. You can take advantage of your Trade-in in a bull or bear market with CFDs because they will enable you to bet on rising and falling values.

A precious metals trade is an example.

Trader A determines that gold's price will likely rise against the US dollar; therefore, he takes a long (buy) position. Trader A begins their CFD trade when gold is trading at $1,300 per ounce, and the XAU/USD CFD contract rallies (increases) to $1,320 per ounce. Trader A decides to seal their position and profit because the price has increased — (calculated from the difference of rates between entry and exit levels).

Factors Affecting Precious Metal Prices

Supply and Demand: Applicable across all products and services, the same also applies to precious metals. A shortage in metals or the increased demand for their use can affect prices. Let’s take industrial metals such as copper or aluminium. A technological advancement may create an alternative for their use and decrease their value.

Macroeconomic Variables: Data relating to interest rates and GDP affect a significant amount of metals. One of the reasons is because metals are seen as a safe-haven, and an alternative investment to the cash rate provided by financial institutions.

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