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Current Trend Analysis of FTSE 100

Current Trend Analysis of FTSE 100:


The FTSE 100 is rising in tandem with the bond market’s stabilization.


The current state of affairs:


Following the good dynamics demonstrated in 2021, when the instrument climbed by 14 percent, revealing the most substantial advance in the prior five years, the FTSE 100, the top index on the London Stock Exchange, has grown and now has reached 7480.0 points. It is currently selling at 7467.0, continuing its rising trend on the local market.


Despite the recent price surge, the local stock market’s information background is still lacking. The number of new instances of coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom is continuously rising. It may soon approach 200K per day, more than 50 percent more than the average daily rates in mid-December last year.


Despite this rapid expansion, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the authorities did not impose additional quarantine measures due to the Omicron coronavirus strain. The official noted that the United Kingdom is better than most other European countries due to the population’s high immunization rate.


Meanwhile, the leading British bond quotes have remained virtually steady for the fifth day in a row: the 10-year bond yield is 0.9720 percent, while global 20-year bonds are at 1.2000 percent, the same level as on December 29.


Melrose Industries Plc (+2.34%), Fresnillo Plc (+1.71%), and Rentokil Initial Plc (+1.35%) are the index’s fastest-growing companies.


Kingfisher Plc (–3.15 percent), National Grid Plc (–1.78 percent), and Bunzl Plc (–1.77 percent) are among the leading decliners.


Support and opposition


After reaching the resistance line, the asset moves within the global ascending channel and prepares to produce a local reversal. The following technical indicators indicate a buy signal: The EMA fluctuations range of the Alligator indicator is still large enough, and the AO oscillator’s histogram remains above the transition threshold.


7386.0, 7196.0 are the support levels.


7520.0 and 7700.0 are resistance levels.


Advice on trading:


Sell trades with a target of 7196.0 are essential after a reversal and drop or consolidation below the local support of 7386.0. 7450.0 is the stop-loss level—time to implement: 7 days or more.


Long positions with a goal of 7700.0 and a stop loss of 7440.0 are important after growth or consolidation over the local resistance level of 7520.0.


Current Trend Analysis of FTSE 100