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What is CryptoCurrency trading?

Within EnclaveFX, we introduce you to the well known and expensive metals that sum up in the most important commodity within the specified asset class. Trading into the metals that are closely linked to the outcomes among the markets all over the world, major currencies and metals are traded against major currencies in a way that is similar to various other currency pairs on multiple platforms. Multiple factors affect the pricing factor of this precious commodity which also includes supply and demand, Interest rates, economic uncertainty, industrial output and the power of the dollar-linked to precious metals like gold which was earlier viewed as the most secure asset in tough and challenging times.


Before trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, learn everything you need to know.

Methodology of Crypto Trading

Crypto Currencies are that side of the financial market where the inception of the financial marketplace has exactly happened:

Various Crypto Assets are: Trade Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum

Advantages associated with Rising and Fall in the prices of CryptoCurrencies
Famous trading commodity in the marketplace

Constantly evolving profit in challenging times

Cryptocurrencies Contract Specifications

Swap value in point Market Hours
Symbol Description Spreads Leverage Short Long Mon – Open Fri – Close Break
BNBUSD Binance Coin 0.1 1:10 -0.03 -0.03 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10
BCHUSD BItcoin Cash 0.1 1:10 -0.45 -0.45 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10
BTCEUR Bitcoin Euro 0.3 1:10 -5000.0 -5000.0 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10
BTCUSD Bitcoin US Dollar 0.1 1:10 -6000.0 -6000.0 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10
EOSUSD EOSUSD 0.3 1:10 -0.05 -0.05 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10
ETHEUR Ethereum Euro 0.1 1:10 -1.0 -1.0 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10
ETHUSD Ethereum US Dollar 0.3 1:10 -1.0 -1.0 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10
LTCEUR Litecoin Euro 0.2 1:10 -1.0 -1.0 0:05:00 23:54:59 1:10


Cryptocurrency Prices by Coinlib

Cryptocurrency Prices by Coinlib

Steps to Investing in Cryptocurrencies:

Many vocabulary and processes in the cryptocurrency market can be intimidating for new and experienced traders. To help you better understand the bitcoin market and how to trade it, we've broken it down into six simple steps:

Decide how you want to trade cryptocurrency.

Learn the inside and outs of the bitcoin business.

Create a user account.

Make a trading strategy.

Select a bitcoin exchange platform.

Your first position should be opened, monitored, and closed.

Decide the procedure you want to trade into cryptocurrency. There are two different ways to trade cryptocurrencies: firstly, utilizing CFDs for speculation on their rates or purchasing digital currencies in the hopes of seeing their value rise.

Crypto Currency

CFDs are used for trading cryptocurrency.

A CFD is a kind of contract in which you are ready to swap the difference created in the price of a cryptocurrency between the time you open and close your position. Rather than taking ownership of the cryptocurrency, you speculate on its price. If you open a long-standing and the cryptocurrency rises in value, you will profit; however, if the cryptocurrency decreases in value, you will lose money - the converse is valid for a short position.

Purchasing cryptocurrencies through a cryptocurrency exchange

Alternatively, you might be interested in a cryptocurrency, which entails purchasing a chunk of the digital currency to store it in a digital wallet and benefit if its value increases.

You'll need to access a cryptocurrency wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange account before getting started. This process can entail many steps, and you may have to join a waiting list to get an account.

Learn the inside and outs of the bitcoin business.

The cryptocurrency market works altogether differently than conventional financial markets, so learning how it works and understanding the lingo used to describe it is essential before you begin investing.

A cryptocurrency market is a decentralized form of digital currency network, which basically means it functions without utilizing a central server and instead depends upon peer-to-peer transaction verification. The transactions are taken care of to the blockchain — a shared digital ledger for storing data – when cryptocurrencies are bought and sold through a process known as mining.'

Because cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, it's critical to understand what's likely to move the market - from ICOs and blockchain forks to the range of breaking news and government regulation.

Creating a user interface account.

Instead of deciding to buy cryptocurrencies, you can trade them and volunteer to open a position much faster and quicker. You don't particularly need a digital wallet or an exchange account to use this service. All you need to trade CFDs is a broker's leveraged trading account.

You can open an account with EnclaveFX in minutes, and there's no commitment to add cash until you're ready to trade.

Make a trading strategy.

A trading plan is essential for any trader's success, but it is more critical for cryptocurrency traders due to the market's extreme volatility. This is a two-edged sword: volatility appeals for the market to be incredibly appealing, making trading challenging. Your trading strategy should contain risk management tools and a description of your objectives, the cryptocurrency you intend to trade, and a process for initiating and exiting deals.

You should also indicate in your plan how you want to analyze the bitcoin market: technical or fundamental analysis. Technical analysis examines a cryptocurrency's price movement and historical patterns, whereas the entire study examines external factors and macroeconomic data that influence the digital asset. Whatever strategy you use, it's critical to stay current on any news that could impact the market, as cryptocurrencies are susceptible to market performance.

Because cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, it's critical to understand what's likely to move the market - from ICOs and blockchain forks to the range of breaking news and government regulation.

Select a bitcoin exchange platform.

Our trading platforms can assist you in trading cryptocurrency CFDs more innovative and faster with customized notifications, interactive charts, and built-in risk management tools. The EnclaveFX trading platform allows you to sell using the following methods:

Your internet browser

One of our apps for mobile phones

Platforms from most other parties, such as MT4, are more advanced.

Your first position should be opened, monitored, and closed.

You can start trading cryptocurrencies right away after opening an account with EnclaveFX and selecting your platform because you don't need to own a digital wallet.

Whether you want to trade on any platform for bitcoin, ether, litecoin, or another cryptocurrency, you have to open the deal ticket for the market you wish to exchange, and you'll see both a buy and a selling price. You'll be able to select the size and volume of your position before choosing to buy or sell to open a long or short transaction. Remember that you can use stops or limits to close your trade once it reaches a specific level and safeguard it from unnecessary dangers.

In the 'open positions' part of the trading platform, you can track the profit/loss of your situation. When you're ready to lose your job, all you have to do is place an equivalent transaction in the opposite direction.

When is the best and correct ideal moment to invest in bitcoin?

Because the cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is no ideal time to trade because price fluctuations can occur. Because cryptos are sold worldwide, the market will always be active someplace due to the many time zones.

Although round-the-clock trading provides more excellent opportunities, it also necessitates using risk management solutions to provide peace of mind while you are absent from watching the market.

Cryptocurrencies can be traded at EnclaveFX between 10 a.m. on Monday and 8 p.m. on Friday (IST time).

Advantages associated with trading derivatives on CryptoCurrencies:

All that is needed by an investor is their account, different currency pairs, trade size and opening/closing prices, while the profit calculator takes care of the remaining errands.

Widespread liquidity with prices from multiple sources

Zero fees on funding on varied options of widespread deposits

More than 61 kinds of currency pairs

Raw Spreads from zero to zero pips on Razor accounts

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