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What is CFD Trading?

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Traders with CFD trading, trade-in global index without possessing it in real time and can get the profit in owned goodie bags while buying and selling.
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What is CFD Trading?

Company ABC (GBP) margin rates
InstrumentDescriptionContract Size Leverage (up to) Typical Spread Transaction lot size Min/Max Order Type
AUS2000Australia Cash Index 101:5005 EUR0.10/20Market
CHNINDChinese Cash Index 11:5002.5 USD0.10/20Market
US30Dow Jones Industrial Average Cash Index 101:50010 USD0.10/20Market
EU50Euro Stoxx 50 Cash Index 101:50010 EUR 0.10/20Market
FRA40CAC40 Cash Index 101:5005 EUR 0.10/20Market
GER30German DAX30 Cash Index 251:50012.5 EUR 0.10/20Market
HKINDHong Kong Cash Index 501:50050 HKD 0.10/20Market
ITA40Italy 40 Cash Index 51:50025 EUR 0.10/20Market
JAP225Japan NIKKEI 225 Cash Index 5001:5002,500 YEN 0.10/20Market
US100NYSE US 100 Cash Index 201:5005 USD 0.10/20Market
US500SP 500 Cash Index 501:50012.5 USD 0.10/20Market
SGXSINGSingapore 28 1001:5005 SGD 0.10/20Market
SWE30Sweden 30 1001:5001 SEK 0.10/20Market
SUI20Swiss 20 Cash Index 101:50010 CHF 0.10/20Market
SGXTAITaiwan 88 1001:50010 USD 0.10/20Market
TECH30Tech DAX 101:5005 EUR 0.10/20Market
UK100 FTSE 100 Cash Index 101:5005 GBP 0.10/20Market
US2000 US 2000 Cash Index 10001:5005 USD 0.10/20Market

The Sum of

x Level 1 mid-price

Based on the margin rates shown in the table for company ABC (GBP), a position of 6,500 units, using the level 1 mid-price of 275.0 (£2.75), would require a position margin of £5,018.75.


Why Trade CFD with Enclave FX?

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Trading Platform

By taking advantage of the advanced trading platform, get instant execution with every trade

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Multiple Trading Instruments

Choose wisely from multiple available trading instruments inclusive of equity index as well, Commodity or future CFDs

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Access across the world

Investors can access the complete market across the globe from everywhere and every time.

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Optimum opportunities for monetary gain

Remain to the date with all the latest tools in the market and get more trading opportunities.

Bid/Ask Spread

Bid actually is the selling price, it is actually the price on which you sell the asset, it is sold at either the asking price or buy price. the rate at which you buy the asset, The difference between both these prices is known as ” Spread”. This is exactly the cost of trading. Everything is based on the liquidity of your asset and the choice of broker, depending on this the spread can either be tight or wide.

How do you start trading CFDs?

Gain correct Insights

With our expert guidance and inputs, you will be step 1 with ease, Learn everything about CFDs to earn

Avail yourself a margin account

With expert guidance and inputs open a margin accounts for trading and earn the enormous returns on investments through CFDs

Coming up with a Trading Strategy

Our experts will help you with trading strategies for gaining maximum returns.

Take advantage of stop Loss

Our experts will guide you with strategies allowing you to stop-loss strategies.

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