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What is CFD Trading?
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CFDs i.e. trading contracts for difference is a way of theorizing the financial markets with buying or selling the assets. One can speculate about the value of an index, share price & know whether the financial asset will go up or down. It gives an opportunity to trader to trade on rise & fall of markets and making profits accordingly.

For traders, CFD trading is an attractive concept, as it does not have similar major financial outlay. All it depends on the margin , that is the fraction value of the asset. We at EnclaveFX Ltd, offer our traders competitive margins for CFDs for different major equities.

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What is CFD Trading?

Instrument Description Contract Size Leverage (up to) Typical Spread Transaction
lot size
Order Type
AUS200* Australia
Cash Index
10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
CHNIND Chinese
Cash Index
1 1:500 2.5 USD 0.10/20 Market
US30 Dow Jones
Industrial Average
Cash Index
10 1:500 10 USD 0.10/20 Market
EU50 Euro Stoxx
50 Cash Index
10 1:500 10 EUR 0.10/20 Market
Cash Index
10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
GER30 German DAX30
Cash Index
25 1:500 12.5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
HKIND Hong Kong
Cash Index
50 1:500 50 HKD 0.10/20 Market
ITA40 Italy 40
Cash Index
10 1:500 25 EUR 0.10/20 Market
225 Cash Index
500 1:500 2,500 YEN 0.10/20 Market
100 Cash Index
20 1:500 5 USD 0.10/20 Market
US500 SP
500 Cash Index
50 1:500 12.5 USD 0.10/20 Market
SGXSING Singapore
100 1:500 5 SGD 0.10/20 Market
SWE30 Sweden
100 1:500 1 SEK 0.10/20 Market
SUI20 Swiss
20 Cash Index
10 1:500 10 CHF 0.10/20 Market
100 1:500 10 USD 0.10/20 Market
TECH30 Tech DAX 10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
100 Cash Index
10 1:500 5 GBP 0.10/20 Market
US2000 US
2000 Cash Index
10 1:500 5 USD 0.10/20 Market
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