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CFD trading offers a unique way to participate in the cryptocurrency market without physically owning the assets. Acting as a contract between a trader and a broker, CFDs enable individuals to speculate on the price movement of cryptocurrencies. By trading CFDs, traders can benefit from potential price fluctuations, aiming to profit from the difference in value between the contract's opening and closing.

Additionally, CFD trading allows for margin trading and leverage, enabling traders to amplify their market exposure with a smaller capital investment. It's an opportunity to explore the crypto market with flexibility and potential for enhanced returns. We at EnclaveFX Ltd. provide our traders with competitive margins for CFDs on an array of significant currencies on our best CFD trading platform.

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Instrument Description Contract Size Leverage (up to) Typical Spread Transaction
lot size
Order Type
AUS200* Australia
Cash Index
10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
CHNIND Chinese
Cash Index
1 1:500 2.5 USD 0.10/20 Market
US30 Dow Jones
Industrial Average
Cash Index
10 1:500 10 USD 0.10/20 Market
EU50 Euro Stoxx
50 Cash Index
10 1:500 10 EUR 0.10/20 Market
Cash Index
10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
GER30 German DAX30
Cash Index
25 1:500 12.5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
HKIND Hong Kong
Cash Index
50 1:500 50 HKD 0.10/20 Market
ITA40 Italy 40
Cash Index
10 1:500 25 EUR 0.10/20 Market
225 Cash Index
500 1:500 2,500 YEN 0.10/20 Market
100 Cash Index
20 1:500 5 USD 0.10/20 Market
US500 SP
500 Cash Index
50 1:500 12.5 USD 0.10/20 Market
SGXSING Singapore
100 1:500 5 SGD 0.10/20 Market
SWE30 Sweden
100 1:500 1 SEK 0.10/20 Market
SUI20 Swiss
20 Cash Index
10 1:500 10 CHF 0.10/20 Market
100 1:500 10 USD 0.10/20 Market
TECH30 Tech DAX 10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
100 Cash Index
10 1:500 5 GBP 0.10/20 Market
US2000 US
2000 Cash Index
10 1:500 5 USD 0.10/20 Market
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