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Leveraging CFD trading online with EnclaveFX Trade CFDs with the World's No. 1 CFD provider if you perceive opportunity in the world around you. They are designed for traders looking to profit from rising and declining markets.

What is CFD Trading?

A contract for difference (CFD) is a specific kind of agreement done between the buyer and the seller in which the buyer agrees to pay the seller the difference between the asset's current value and its value at the time of the contract. CFDs give the required liberty to all traders and investors to profit from price movements without having to own the underlying assets. The underlying value carried by investment is not given appropriate attention when calculating the final value of a CFD contract; only the price difference between trade entry and exit is considered.

Why should you trade CFDs with us?

Traders with CFD trading, trade-in global index without possessing it in real time and can get the profit in owned goodie bags while buying and selling.

Effectively manage risk:

With our comprehensive choice of stop and limit orders, you can protect yourself from danger.

When you require assistance:

From 10 a.m. Monday to 7 p.m. Friday, assistance is available around the clock (IST).

Any platform can be used to open a position:

Our award-winning web-based platform and mobile trading app2 are available to you.

Increase the value of your money:

You can claim an open position for a fraction of the cost with our low margins.

Keep your ear close to the floor and your finger on the pulse:

Custom price notifications allow you to react quickly to breaking news.

Get a hands-on education:

EnclaveFx school offers free trading classes to help you become a better trader.


Company ABC (GBP) margin rates

What is CFD Trading?

Instrument Description Contract Size Leverage (up to) Typical Spread Transaction
lot size
Order Type
AUS2000 Australia
Cash Index
10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
CHNIND Chinese
Cash Index
1 1:500 2.5 USD 0.10/20 Market
US30 Dow Jones
Industrial Average
Cash Index
10 1:500 10 USD 0.10/20 Market
EU50 Euro Stoxx
50 Cash Index
10 1:500 10 EUR 0.10/20 Market
Cash Index
10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
GER30 German DAX30
Cash Index
25 1:500 12.5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
HKIND Hong Kong
Cash Index
50 1:500 50 HKD 0.10/20 Market
ITA40 Italy 40
Cash Index
10 1:500 25 EUR 0.10/20 Market
225 Cash Index
500 1:500 2,500 YEN 0.10/20 Market
100 Cash Index
20 1:500 5 USD 0.10/20 Market
US500 SP
500 Cash Index
50 1:500 12.5 USD 0.10/20 Market
SGXSING Singapore
100 1:500 5 SGD 0.10/20 Market
SWE30 Sweden
100 1:500 1 SEK 0.10/20 Market
SUI20 Swiss
20 Cash Index
10 1:500 10 CHF 0.10/20 Market
100 1:500 10 USD 0.10/20 Market
TECH30 Tech DAX 10 1:500 5 EUR 0.10/20 Market
100 Cash Index
10 1:500 5 GBP 0.10/20 Market
US2000 US
2000 Cash Index
10 1:500 5 USD 0.10/20 Market

Benefits of CFD trading with EnclaveFX:

There are around 17,000 markets available.
Free up some cash.
Choose between short and long trading positions.

How to Trade CFD with EnclaveFX?

Register for a trading account.
Look for a chance.
Take a stand.
Keep an eye on your business.

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In a wide range of markets, we execute quickly. With consistent execution, you'll have access to more than 17,000 global markets. Deal seamlessly, no matter where you are—Trade on the go with our award-winning, locally designed trading app.

You may be at ease knowing that you're working with a reputable company. We've been providing a market-leading service for almost 45 years.

What markets am I able to trade with CFDs?

Forex Trading:

On currencies like EUR/USD, spreads start at just 0.6 points.


CFDs on the world's most important stock indices, with more 24-hour markets than any other provider.


Choose from over 12,000 international share CFDs and exchange-traded funds to profit from increasing and decreasing prices.

Commodity Trading:

Metals, energy, and soft commodities can be traded with spreads as little as 0.3 points.


Speculate on prominent coins, such as bitcoin and our Crypto 10 index.

Other Markets:

Learn about our options markets, interest rates, bonds, and sectors, among other things.

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