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Posted on   10 August 2022   |    Educational
What Can Traders Learn from a Forex Spread?

Explaining forex spreads: Key talking pointsl Spreads are determined by a currency pair's purchase and sell prices.l Lot sizes determine costs and FX spreads.l Spreads on foreign exchange are erratic and should be referred to from your t.....

Posted on   09 August 2022   |    Technical Analysis
USD/JPY: Firm at the 135.00 Level as Traders Await US CPI

USD/JPY retraced back towards the 135.00 support level giving up gains made last Friday post a robust NFP reading from the US economy. The pair gained more than 100 pips last Friday as US jobs report beat the forecasts by a fair margin adding more to the Fed’s take on rising jobs and wages. With this report a more aggressive approach from the US central bank is warranted which wo.....

Posted on   09 August 2022   |    Fundamental Analysis
Top 5 FX Events for the Coming Week: Mexico Inflation, German Inflation, US Inflation, China New Yuan Loans, and UK GDP

lThe second week of August features a significantly thinner economic calendar with less than ten "high" rated data releases and activities. FX WEEK AHEAD OVERVIEWlGerman and US inflation figures should pave the way for rate increases of at least 50 basis points from the Federal.....

Posted on   08 August 2022   |    Technical Analysis
Weekly Forecasts: US CPI, UK GDP in Focus

The first week of August was very much in favor of DXY bulls as the US economy posted a strong NFP report on Friday. The US jobs beat the estimates coming in at a gain of 528,000 July with the unemployment rate falling to 3.5% and a strong hourly earnings data. DXY and US treasury yields rallied weighing in on safe haven asset like Gold.The yellow metal started last Friday around the $1795 ma.....

Posted on   08 August 2022   |    Fundamental Analysis
Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones, US Dollar, Gold, and Euro Markets for the Upcoming Week: Focus on Inflation

The last week saw an improvement in the mood on the world markets. Futures for the Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and S&P 500 on Wall Street ended the day up 1.84 percent, 0.31 percent, and 0.23 percent, respectively. Tech stock prices increased significantly. The DAX 40 and FTSE 100 ended the day in Europe up 0.67 and 0.22 percent, respectively. The Nikkei 225 in Japan rose 1.35 percent in the meant.....

Posted on   08 August 2022   |    Fundamental Analysis
S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Price Predictions for the Upcoming Week

Prices, charts, and analysis for the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100l Fears of a recession have been temporarily forgotten.l At trend resistance, the Nasdaq 100 is stalling.l At a two-month high, the S&P 500 stutters.The most recent US Jobs Report, which revealed an unexpected rise in employment, has restrained US markets. The unemployment .....

Posted on   06 August 2022   |    Educational
What are Forex Trading Signals and How to Understand Them?

Beginner traders frequently use forex trading signals to increase their success rate and enhance their trading experience. A forex trading signal service's intuitive platform or a human analyst or trader can produce trading signals.How do Forex trading signals work?Forex trading signals ide.....

Posted on   05 August 2022   |    Technical Analysis
USD/JPY: Technical Analysis ahead of NFP

According to the daily charts the USD/JPY pair has been on a downtrend since the rate hike and GDP numbers. With safe haven assets like Yen, Swiss Franc and Gold benefiting from a weak US dollar the pair has slid down towards the 133.00 levels. The pair reached a monthly low of 130.45 post a very weak Job Openings Data from the US economy.  Though the drop was short lived the pair stands.....

Posted on   05 August 2022   |    Educational
What is NFP, and How is It Traded in Forex?

Forex trading and the NFP: Key Discussion PointslThe currency market is volatile when Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) releases occur.lNFP calculates the net changes in employment.lTo get ready for NFP announcements, forex traders use an economic calendar. Describe the NFP.One of the most important economic indicators for the US economy is the non-farm payroll (NFP) data. It .....

Posted on   04 August 2022   |    Technical Analysis
GBP/USD: At Support Level Ahead of Bank Rate Announcement by Bank of England

The Sterling has enjoyed a good run since the rate hike by the Federal Reserve. The GBP/USD pair has been able to sustain above the 1.2100 levels which is acting as a tough barrier to cross given a weak US dollar. Despite signs of recession in England and the Central Bank’s aggressive approach to enter a rate hike cycle the Sterling is holding ground. Ahead of the Bank of England Monitory Pol.....

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